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Dr Smith has extensive experience of designing and delivering training within both the public and private sectors (for example housing, health-care, education and legal settings). She specialises in delivering psychological training that is designed specifically to fit the needs of your organisation. This can be divided into three different areas:
  • Psychological Skills - the aim of these training modules is to give individuals additional practical skills that they can use in their one to one or group work with clients (or for themselves). This includes: running an anger management workshop, skills for emotional regulation, relaxation skills, anxiety management, trauma and homelessness, motivational interviewing, successful goal setting, and techniques for managing difficult emotions.

  • Knowledge - training based upon the latest research evidence and tailored to suit the needs and working environment. This could include understanding particular psychological disorders (e.g. Bipolar disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, addictions), attachment theory. Programmes can be delivered flexibly, for example lunch-time sessions, half or full day programmes.

  • Professional Development for Work and Life - the emphasis of these programmes is to help individuals to develop skills which help them to improve their well being, focus and productivity in and out of the workplace. Programmes include: 6-8 week Mindfulness for Work Course, Positive Psychology and Well-being for Work and Life, Mindfulness and Strengths, Willpower and Evidence Based Goal Setting for Behaviour Change, Managing Long Term Health Conditions (aim to improve productivity and reduce sickness absence) and Stress Management).

Mindfulness in the Workplace

What is Mindfulness?
In our daily lives, we are rarely completely focussed on what we are doing. In fact, almost half of the time, our attention is elsewhere on the past or the future. Mindfulness is the skill of deliberately paying full attention to the present moment. It is a skill that we can cultivate with practice. It delivers benefits to our psychological wellbeing, productivity, and relationships at work and in life.

When could Mindfulness help in the Workplace?
A significant number of large employers (e.g. Dow Chemicals, the US Army, Google and Transport for London) have introduced mindfulness training into their workplace in the last decade. Mindfulness was able to help them achieve a wide range of positive outcomes for their business.

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